PC Version of Call of Duty: Elite Is Still in Development

The developers still lack a clear launch window for the service

Video game publisher Activision Blizzard has assured PC-based fans of the Call of Duty franchise that it is still working on a version of the Elite service for their platform, although it is not yet clear when it might be actually launched.

Noah Heller, who is one of the producers working on Elite for the PC, has told Eurogamer that, “Unfortunately I don’t have an update for you at this time. We’re still working on it. We can’t date it yet. It’s a challenging piece of development. It’s really all I can say. “Unfortunately I can’t give you a date at this time – look, it bums me out to say it.”

He added, “I get several emails a day. It’s a vocal, passionate audience. What we need to ensure is that when we ship something for them, it’s quality. We cannot make them wait this long and then deliver something that isn’t quality.”

A version of Elite is also being prepared for tablets and is further along in the development process, but a concrete date cannot be confirmed.

Heller says that it will be very different from what Elite offers on home consoles, allowing gamers to keep the tablet app running on a device in their lap while actually playing the game, checking on friends and other information in real time.

Call of Duty: Elite was launched at the same time as Modern Warfare 3 and is designed to serve as a companion for those gamers who are interested in the multiplayer component of the first-person shooter.

Those who are willing to pay for Elite get access to more tracking and community options and allows gamers to access downloadable content for free.

Activision says Elite is a way of making the Call of Duty experience a year-round experience for players.

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