PC Companies Wary of CES 2013, More Focused on MWC 2013

The second trade show will take place at the end of February next year

One would think that the Consumer Electronics Show was already in a bad enough shape, with Microsoft's ceasing its speeches and Intel only sending its vice president instead of the CEO.

Sadly, that is not even the half of it. If what this report is saying is true, all PC makers are wary of the upcoming trade show.

For some reason or other, they are diverting the funds that normally go into the convention towards a different trade show, namely Mobile World Congress 2013, set to occur at the end of February in Barcelona, Spain.

Since tablets will be the stars of the latter, it isn't too odd to see Windows 8/RT models being scheduled for then.

Also, while CES should still have some Windows 8 products, it still comes only two months after the launch of the OS and the first wave of devices, so it is a bit soon for another round of PCs. At least there will be some TVs on show.

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