P-Diddy's Credit Card and Passport Details Leaked by TeaMp0isoN

Another celebrity falls victim to Operation CensorThis

Operation CensorThis made another victim and this time, the lucky winner is none other than Sean Combs, also known as P-Diddy.

Members of TeaMp0isoN managed to obtain a copy of his passport and other information such as location, phone numbers, credit card number, expiration date, CVV and the name of the bank that issued the card.

So you might wonder why they did it?

“In this release we show you that not only can you run into someone that you may think is innocent but isn’t, actually was the one behind Chris Wallace aka Biggie Smalls (THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G’s) death,” they said.

As I advise all my readers, P-Diddy is recommended to immediately contact the financial institution that handles his credit card and set up a credit monitoring service to make sure no illegal transactions will take place from his account.

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