Ozone Gaming Releases Rage 7HX and Rage ST Headsets

The former is of higher quality but more expensive

From December 20 onwards, there will be six new headsets up for sale, courtesy of Ozone Gaming, although it is more accurate to say there will be only two.

The reason for the dual number is simple. While one headset sells in its original form, the other (Rage ST) is available, or will be, in five colors, as seen in the pictures below.

That said, there is another difference between the Rage 7HX and Rage ST.

The latter, priced at 29,90€ ($29.90 – 38.72), is a normal enough stereo audio device, but the former has 7.1-channel surround sound technology.

Otherwise, the headsets both get XL cloth padded ear cushions, an ergonomic design and 3.5 mm plugs.

Shipments will begin on December 20 this year (2012), making the headsets potential Christmas presents, albeit belated ones.


Ozone Rage 7HX and Rage ST (2 Images)

Gallery Image
Gallery Image

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