Ozon OS Will Be One of the Most Beautiful Linux Distros

There is no launch date, but Ozon OS is real and it's under heavy development

Ozon OS, a new Linux distribution developed by Nitrux and Numix that will be focused on gaming, has been finally revealed.

You might feel that the names of Nitrux and Numix sound a little familiar. The developers involved with these are responsible for numerous icon packs and themes for the Linux systems, and Nitrux also has its own Linux distribution called Nitrux OS.

The collaboration between two teams has been going for quite a while, and the upcoming operating system that has been promised by Nitrux and Numix finally got a face. Until now there were only glimpses and teases, but the Linux community can now get a good look at Ozon OS.

Many of you will probably think that you don't need another operating system doing the same thing all the others are doing. And normally you would be right, but not about Ozon OS. Right now there are hundreds of Linux distributions out there that are being maintained and upgraded, but the truth is that only a handful really look apart from all the others.

If you asked a regular member of the Linux community to name all the major distros he (or she) could think off, the number wouldn't go above 10, maybe 15. There are even less desktop environments than that and not many developers go through the trouble of customizing them.

This is why Linux distros like elementary OS and the defunct Pear OS stand apart. They might use a more famous operating system as a base, but the developers do try to make something special than hasn't been done before, and that is called progress.

The joint project that is called Ozon OS tries to do just that. Yes, there are other Linux distributions out there that can do the same thing, but none of them is doing it in style.

What we know so far is that the guys from Nitrux and Numix are working on their own shell of the operating system, which will be called Atom. The advantages of a custom shell is that you can make it do some things that GNOME Shell can't.

Ozon OS will also introduce a new theme, a new dock based on the one used in GNOME, and a few other tweaks and improvements (including a GNOME extension) that haven't been announced yet.

Like any new Linux distribution, it still has a long way to go until it becomes a powerful contender, but from what it has been shown so far, it's very likely that many users will start talking about Ozon OS as one of the best-looking systems out there.

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