Overweight-Only Gym Refuses Clients Who Don't Need to Lose 50 Lbs (22 Kg)

The owner is trying to spare chubby clients the embarrassment of dealing with thinner ones

A specialty gym offers overweight clients the option of working out without skinnier people around them.

They even have a rule for choosing their clients – one has to require losing at least 50 Lbs (22 Kg) to get in.

I believe the Downsize Gym brings forward a great concept, as there is indeed a level of embarrassment once someone is forced to compare their shape with someone else's at the gym, prompting them to give up their training.

“I’ve been overweight my whole life, and I was embarrassed to go to the gym myself,” the owner himself tells reporters.

“It’s frustrating because sometimes you don’t feel like you fit in. [...] Sometimes you feel like people are looking at you. This place is different here because you get the support; you don’t just get the workout,” one client explains, according to Bliss Tree.

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