Overview of ENISA’s Cyber Europe 2012 Exercise – Video

Participants were exposed to over 1,000 cyber incidents

Back in October, the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) hosted the 2nd edition of the pan-European cyber exercise. Now, the agency has released a video to detail Cyber Europe 2012.

The clip shows an overview of how cyber cooperation and the resilience of critical information infrastructure can be improved.

During Cyber Europe 2012, the 300 cyber security professionals were exposed to over 1,000 incidents which they had to manage by collaborating across borders, the main goal being to protect the economy and the society of Europe.

Cyber Europe 2012 had three main objectives: to explore cooperation between public and private stakeholders, to test the effectiveness and scalability of existing mechanisms, and to identify the gaps and challenges on how large-scale cyber incidents could be handled more efficiently.

Here is the video published by ENISA:

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