Over 80 Puppies Found Stuffed in Buckets, Struggling to Breathe

Authorities seize the animals, man and woman are arrested for trafficking them

Only recently, police officers and RSPCA inspectors in Offerton, Greater Manchester, North West England seized as many as 87 puppies from a local property.

Given the fact that most of these puppies were French Bulldogs, West Highland Terriers and Pomeranians, authorities believe that they were meant for trafficking during this holiday season.

Thus, it is quite likely that the man and the woman who were arrested after inspecting this property wanted to sell them to people who believed that a puppy would make the best Christmas present for one or more of their loved ones.

Police officers and RSPCA inspectors explain that, unlike legitimate breeders, people such as this man and this woman sell the dogs in parking lots and other similar locations, Daily Mail reports.

Because of this and because of the abuses the animals suffer prior to their being bought by someone, authorities ask that people look into the possibility of adopting their new pet.

As RSPCA Chief Inspector Ian Briggs puts it, “There are thousands of dogs in rescue centres desperately looking for new homes, but many people continue to fuel the trade in imported puppies by buying from rogue sellers who simply see the animals as money makers.”

Furthermore, “At this time of year especially, we want to hammer home the message that people should never buy a dog as a Christmas present.”

The puppies seized during this raid were kept in buckets and were struggling to breathe, seeing how they had little space at their disposal to move and were therefore piled on top of one another.

Authorities have also found four dead puppies, and believe that their death is a direct result of negligence and abuses.

“We witnessed some shocking scenes yesterday and we will do everything we can to assist the RSPCA in any future prosecution or operation,” Sergeant Mike Cooper from the Greater Manchester Police commented with respect to this raid.

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