Over 6,000 New URLs Used in Christmas-Themed Facebook Scams

Websense researchers continue to monitor this campaign

On Saturday, we learned that a massive Facebook scam campaign was making the rounds, trying to trick users into participating in surveys by deploying various methods. Researchers have continued to monitor the operation and they reveal that the number of scams multiplied considerably over the past days.

According to Websense experts, who were the first to examine the campaign dubbed “Jacked Frost,” the number of unique URL’s related to this scam has increased to over 6,000.

If, on December 6, the crooks were using only around 400 new unique URLs, two days later the number increased to 6,218.

Websense says its customers are protected against this threat by their Advanced Classification Engine, but I’m not sure whether other security solutions are capable of blocking these malicious sites.

That’s why I advise users to be on the lookout for Facebook posts that advertise all sorts of outrageous videos with the aid of pictures representing attractive young women.

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