Over 35,000 Rally in Washington, Demand Climate Action

The environmentalists' goal was to speak out against the Keystone XL pipeline

This past Sunday, over 35,000 environmentalists gathered in front of the White House in Washington DC for the sole purpose of demanding that US President Barack Obama live up to his promises and take immediate measures against climate change and global warming.

The protesters who took the time to talk to the local media for a while explained that their rallying in Washington DC was a direct result of President Obama's vowing to tackle both climate change and global warming during his latest State of the Union address.

Thus, they merely wished to remind the President that his words had been heard, and that he must not back on his word.

USA Today reports these environmentalists first and foremost spoke out against the Keystone XL pipeline.

More precisely, they asked that Barack Obame prove his commitment to safeguarding the natural world and improving on the country's ecological footprint by not giving the green light to this project.

Commenting on the decision to stage this large-scale protest, Bill McKibben, founder of the environmental activist group, 350.org, made the following statements:

“This movement's been building a long time. One of the things that's built it is everybody's desire to give the president the support he needs to block this Keystone pipeline. It's time for the president to stand up.”

According to the same source, most of these protesters were grownups concerned about the future of either their children, or their grandchildren.

More precisely, these people fear that the changes brought about by global warming and climate change will eventually translate into future generations' coming face to face with an inhabitable planet.

“I have six grandchildren, and I want them to have a habitable planet,” argued said Linda Britt, a grandmother from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

For the time being, US President Barack Obama is yet to make a decision concerning the Keystone XL oil pipeline. However, more news on this topic is expected to follow shortly.

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