Over 280 Turtles Show Up Dead in Costa Rica, Nobody Can Figure Out Why

Conservationists suspect humans might have had a say in this matter

Roughly 280 dead turtles showed up dead in the Gulf of Dulce, an inlet in Costa Rica, over the past few days, and for the time being, a reasonable explanation for how and why these animals have passed away is yet to be found.

Therefore, it has been agreed upon that an official investigation into these deaths is to be carried out, especially given the fact that several conservationists have pointed the finger at local fishermen.

More precisely, these greenheads believe that the turtles died as a result of their getting caught in fishing lines.

Times of India quotes the Costa Rican environment ministry, who made a case of how, “The initial aim is to collect information to verify is was caused by human action.”

Interestingly enough, whatever killed these turtles seems to have impacted on other marine creatures as well. Thus, several fish also ended up being washed ashore.

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