Over 200 Abused Animals Now Sheltered at the Popcorn Park Zoo

This zoo in New Jersey is home to neglected chickens, lions, camels and many other

Presently, the Popcorn Park Zoo in New Jersey is home to more than 200 animals (some wild and some domestic) which have been rescued from being abused and exploited by their former owners.

Interestingly enough, the people now managing the Popcorn Park Zoo never intended to build such a large animal sanctuary.

However, they had no choice but to do so once a local adoption center began receiving calls about neglected and abused animals ever more often.

Since somebody had to look after these animals, manager John Bergman decided that he was fit for the task at hand and soon enough seven acres of land were turned into a zoo that doubles as a rehabilitation center.

Some of the animals now residing at this facility are lions, tigers, camels, emus, monkeys, bears and even chickens.

As John Bergman puts it, “Animals find their way to us. This all just happened by accident.” “The chickens crawl all over the office, and they lay eggs on my desk,” he goes on to add.

Because the Popcorn Park Zoo mainly relies on donations in order to properly look after these animals, its managers now ask that those wishing to lend them a helping hand contribute with whatever sum of money they can.

Global Animal explains that the Popcorn Park Zoo did an amazing job in rehabilitating an emaciated tiger, which was rescued from an abusive owner in Texas.

Besides helping it gain some inches around its waist, the staff had to fix its teeth, which were broken and had to be surgically repaired.

“What makes Popcorn Park so special is that each animal was rescued from suffering, exploitation and/or death – each has its own unique story to tell,” the zoo's staff explains.

Just for the record, this zoo gets its name from the fact that those coming to see these animals can feed them air-popped popcorn.

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