Over 1.9 Million of Adobe Hack Victims Used “123456” as Password

Take a look at the top 100 passwords used by Adobe customers

Cybercriminals have managed to steal over 130 million encrypted passwords after hacking Adobe’s systems. However, since the company did a poor job of encrypting them, security experts have already managed to crack most of them.

That’s because Adobe used the Triple DES (3DES) hashing algorithm in ECB mode to encrypt the password. This type of encryption provides some clues to what the passcode might be.

This, combined with the fact that Adobe’s database also contained password hints, made it trivial for experts to crack them.

Stricture Consulting Group has published a list of the 100 most common passwords used by the Adobe customers whose details were stolen by cybercriminals.

Unsurprisingly, the most common password is “123456,” used by 1,911,938 people. “123456” is followed by “123456789,” a passcode set by 446,162 individuals.

The top ten also includes “password,” “adobe123,” “12345678,” “qwerty,” “1234567,” “111111,” “photoshop” and “123123.” You can check out the complete top 100 in the screenshot or on Stricture Consulting Group’s website.

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