Outraged Windows 8 Users Warn They May Switch to Apple

Windows 8 users disappointed after Windows 8 Update error

We’ve already told you about a Windows 8 Update error that blocks the installation of an official Microsoft patch, but while this issue is expected to be fixed anytime soon, users claim they’re disappointed with the entire operating system.

A Microsoft Answers support thread turned into a “Microsoft versus Apple” discussion, with some users suggesting they would rather move to Apple than use Windows 8 once again.

“I do blame Microsoft because unlike Apple who don't claim to support ever piece of hardware out there Microsoft do actually claim this otherwise they would have gone down the same route as Apple and only built their own hardware. So it’s Microsoft’s fault for not having a test pool large enough to stop most people from running into problems like this,” user prosperobks wrote on the forums.

“It would appear that Windows 8 is suffering like Vista did,” he continued.

According to this discussion, Windows Update fails on KB2770917 and the patching process gets stuck at 15 percent. There’s no workaround for the time being, although a couple of users have already suggested a few solutions.

In the meantime, however, Microsoft has to face a new wave of criticism, as Windows 8 adopters point out that Apple’s devices are much more advanced.

“Maybe I should just uninstall Windows 8 and go get a Mac,” the same user stated. “Thank you Microsoft for making a better Windows 7- NOT,” RobinK99 added.

Although Microsoft is yet to unveil some official Windows 8 sales statistics, sources familiar with the matter suggest that Steve Ballmer and the other Redmondians already consider Windows 8 a disappointing product.

Of course, Ballmer won’t say that in public, but it appears that the company is actually blaming PC makers for Windows 8’s slow start. Microsoft claims that the lack of Windows 8 devices affects the overall sales of the new operating system, but the whole PC industry is expected to slightly recover in 2013.

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