Outrage as Man Tattoos Pit Bull, Posts Picture on Facebook

Ernesto Rodriguez claims he did nothing wrong, animal rights activists disagree

Only recently, Ernesto Rodriguez, a tattoo artist from North Carolina and a proud pit bull owner, saw fit to tattoo his 5-month-old pet dog on her belly.

The design he chose to ink in the animal's skin includes the dog's name, Dutches, and a crest which supposedly hints at the animal's bloodline, sources say.

Given the fact that Dutches was sound asleep when she got tattooed (she had been sedated by a veterinarian who took care of clipping her ears), Ernesto Rodriguez claims that he did nothing wrong.

Furthermore, he maintains that he will keep tattooing all the other dogs he will come to own in the future.

Following his posting pictures of Dutches and her newly acquired tattoo on Facebook, Ernesto got severe criticism from animal rights activists, who also took care of informing the authorities.

Despite their coming to have a look at Dutches, it appears that no animal cruelty charges have thus far been filed against this tattoo artist.

“Here is the final result for you haters out there... Animal control came looked at my beautiful dog and left.... wow... what a waste of tax payers money... so im still gonna tattoo my dogs when ever i feel like it... good try haters thanks for all the advertisement,” Ernesto wrote on Facebook.

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