Outrage As Lions Get Snowballs Thrown at Them by Zoo Visitors

The incident occurred at a zoo in China, many disapprove of the tourists' behavior

A few days ago, a pair of lions living in captivity at a zoo in Hangzhou, in east-central China, did not have the time of their lives when a group of tourists decided to have some fun by throwing snowballs at them.

As seen in the picture above, the lions tried to dodge the man-made ice missiles that were coming their way, yet some of these projectiles still managed to hit their target.

Sources report that, after harassing these big cats in this manner, the group of tourists moved on to throwing snowballs at monkeys, giraffes, tigers and other animals.

Most of the people who got a chance to look at these pictures argue that these tourists had no right to upset the animals by turning them into moving targets.

As well as this, questions have been raised with respect to why the zoo's staff did not intervene in favor of the animals.

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