Outrage As 4 Decapitated Animals Wash Up near Luxury Condo in Miami

The animals might have been sacrificed as part of a peculiar ritual, some say

This past weekend, people living in a luxury South Beach condominium in Miami were left speechless by the discovery of four decapitated animals who seem to have washed up in this urban area out of nowhere.

Interestingly enough, local authorities refused to get involved in removing these fours corpses, which belonged to a goat and three chicken, on account of their not being able to identify any direct threats to people living in this part of the US.

More precisely, they argued that, since the animals were simply decapitated and disposed of, it was quite unlikely that any of the residents of this luxury condominium was being explicitly targeted by the people who had committed the crimes.

Therefore, getting rid of the corpses and dealing with the problem was none of their business.

As Bobby Hernandez, a spokesperson for the Miami Beach police, put it, “If this happened on private property and appeared to be targeting someone, we would investigate. Unfortunately, this kind of thing does happen around here with all of the different cultures.”

What Bobby Hernandez means is that, under the First Amendment of the US Constitution, animal sacrifice is very much legal, and that the best that authorities and animal lovers can do is make sure that the animals are treated humanely prior to their being killed.

Still, an animal rights activist named Richard Couto agreed to deal with this business himself.

Miami Herald reports that Richard Couto is the founder of a non-profit organization known as the Animal Recovery Mission, and that his primary goal when setting the basis for this green-oriented group was that of putting an end to such displays of animal abuse and animal cruelty.

It is Richard Cuoto's belief that the animals were killed as part of a ritual in which West African and Roman Catholicism religious views and beliefs shades into one another.

As was to be expected, numerous Miami Beach residents were outraged by these findings, and one eyewitness even made a case of how, “You don't throw plastic bottles and garbage in the ocean. Why would someone do this to animals?”

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