Outlast Is Stealth-Based, Delivers True Horror

The game will encourage players to run away rather than fight

Phillipe Morin, one of the co-founders of developer Red Barrels, offers new details on the Outlast first-person horror title his team is working on, including the fact that it will use a stealth mechanic in order to deliver solid scares to the player base.

The developer tells Eurogamer that, “The core experience is basically a stealth game, but instead of it turning into a shoot-out when you get spotted by the enemy, it turns into a chase.”

The game has a linear structure, which means that players will experience the same story no matter how they get through it, but it will involve a number of hubs which lead to various puzzles, varying in difficulty based on how far along the gamer has advanced.

Morin adds, “You’re going to have to explore and figure out what you need to do and in what order you need to do it, and while you’re doing that there’s going to be enemies doing their own stuff. They mostly become obstacles between you and your objective.”

Despite the linear nature of the game, the puzzles themselves will have small, subtle shifts every time they are approached, because the developers at Red Barrels believe that players should not be able to simply reload and try another solution.

The developers include veterans from series like Uncharted, from Naughty Dog, and Prince of Persia from Ubisoft.

The developer says that he is also sticking by his idea of not including any guns in Outlast, in order to increase the stress level for gamers.

Unable to fight, gamers will have to run away and the Red Barrels team wants to make the mechanics unique and frightening.

Outlast is expected to launch in the third quarter of next year, with a PC version confirmed and the possibility to be offered on next-gen platforms.

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