Oscars 2014: Kellan Lutz, Olga Kurylenko Considered Winners of the Detox Oscar

Greenpeace wishes to congratulate the two celebs for their choice of outfit

Greenpeace has been trying to get the fashion industry to green up its ways for quite a while now. Hence, members of the organization and Greenpeace supporters were utterly delighted by the outfits and Kellan Lutz and Olga Kurylenko showcased at this year's Academy Awards ceremony.

In fact, they liked the actors' choice of wardrobe so much that they were quick to say that Kellan Lutz and Olga Kurylenko were the absolute winners of the so-called Detox Oscar.

Mind you, such an award does not really exist – not for the time being, at least – but, if it did, Greenpeace is nothing if not convinced that these two celebs would have won it this year.

On its website, Greenpeace explains that Kellan Lutz' and Olga Kurylenko's outfits for the 86th Academy Awards ceremony were created by Alice Elia and H Brothers as part of the Red Carpet Green Dress challenge.

“While this year's ‘runway’ was sprinkled with Armanis and Diors, Twilight star Kellan Lutz and former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko made fashion statements of a different kind - turning the red carpet green with unique, sustainable designs created by Red Carpet Green Dress,” the organization says.

“Now, in it’s fifth year, the Red Carpet Green Dress challenge is a contest for innovative designers to showcase stunning fashion made to the highest environmental standards possible,” Greenpeace goes on to detail.

According to Greenpeace, Olga Kurylenko's dress was made from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic silk, and owed its color to Sappan wood extracts.

Kellan Lutz' tuxedo jacket, on the other hand, was 45% certified silk and 55% rPET, i.e. a material obtained by recycling plastic bottled. The pants were also environmentally friendly, meaning that they were made of hemp and plant-dyed with logwood.

The organization argues that these outfits that Kellan Lutz and Olga Kurylenko showcased at this year's Oscars are proof enough that the fashion industry need not pollute the environment and endanger public health in order to stay glamorous.

“These designs give us a glimpse into the fashion industry’s potential to make clothing that doesn’t pollute our planet,” Greenpeace writes on its website.

“Sustainable, environmentally friendly fashion like this should not be the exception, it should be the norm,” the organization goes on to argue.

As much as Greenpeace members and supporters fancied Kellan's and Olga's choices of wardrobe, they could not help but notice that some of the celebs present at the 86th Academy Awards ceremony chose to wear outfits designed and made by brands that the organization claims pollute the environment.

Thus, Dior, Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Dolce&Gabbana are just some of the luxury brands whose clothes Greenpeace argues are laced with hazardous chemicals, and which the organization is now trying to convince to take steps towards improving on their ecological footprint.

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