Oscars 2013: Watch Disney’s Animated Film “Paperman” in Full

Short animation won an Oscar, put a smile on the lips of many who saw it

Disney was one of the big winners at the Oscars 2013 ceremony held on Sunday night at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, nabbing the award for Best Short Animated Film for “Paperman.”

You can now see the film in full above – and I can promise you there’s no better way to spend 6 minutes of your day than by watching it.

This is traditional animation at its best, storytelling at its most basic and effective. Disney needs to remember to go back to this and the magic will be back.

The story is of a man working in an office (the paperman), who meets a girl on the commute and is smitten with her.

When he sees her next by chance, she’s out of earshot, so he starts making paper planes to let her know that he’s close by. Eventually, the “magic” paper planes will bring them together for their first, “official” meeting.

We all need to believe in something, don’t we.

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