Oscars 2013: The Worst Dressed Ladies of the Night

Sometimes, less can be more – but these ladies got it all wrong

The awards season is officially over now that the 2013 Academy Awards came… and went. With it being the biggest event in the film industry, pressure to look impeccable was huge on the celebrities attending – so great, in fact, that some of them collapsed under it.

We’re just going to assume that the ladies included on this year’s worst dressed list at the Oscars failed because they tried too hard, not because they lacked the money, the competent people or the inclination that would have made them more presentable on the red carpet.

Most of the women named by fashion gurus the Oscars’ worst dressed earned this dubious decision by forgetting that, sometimes in fashion, less is more.

In so doing, they opted for scooping, dangerously low cleavage or, in Liberty Ross’ case, a completely see-through mini dress.

Coincidence or not, but all three women who were too revealing for the occasion are models.

Irina Shayk has a gorgeous body and a face to match. Guests at the Vanity Fair afterparty nearly got to see the former close up and personal, and hardly recognized the latter because of the awful makeup job.

Revealing clothes and bad makeup are never a good combination.

Heidi Klum wore a ridiculously low cut golden dress that looked incredibly uncomfortable and out of place.

Ross, whom you might remember as the wife of director Rupert Sanders, with whom Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson, on the other hand, wore a black mini that went see-through when the flashes were on, revealing both her breasts and her knickers.

We can’t include the photos here but, just so you can get the idea, it looked like this.

Brandi Glanville, former wife of Eddie Cibrian and reality star / author, did not have her backup dresses with her and ended up wearing a gown that she knew was too small for her.

Kristen Stewart’s dress was gorgeous but her styling completely ruined her: with messy and greasy hair, stained fingers and no manicure, the “Twilight” star looked as if she’d decided to attend the event at the last minute, even though she was one of the presenters – so she can’t use that excuse.

Last but not least is Melissa McCarthy. David Meister has been dressing her for years, but this grey, shapeless and unflattering number they decided on for the Oscars, in combination with the big hair, failed to do her any favors.


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