Oscars 2013: The Winners, as Predicted by Bing Search Data

“Argo” will take Best Picture, Steven Spielberg Best Director, Hugh Jackman Best Actor

Though us regular mortals have no say in picking the Oscar winners, if we did, we’d already know who they are. With days to go until the 2013 Academy Awards, Bing is revealing your favorites in the race.

If the number of searches are anything to go by, “Argo” would take home the Best Picture award and Steven Spielberg would win Best Director for “Lincoln.”

Both are strong competitors so, if they did actually win, I would personally not be too shocked.

However, the surprises come in the Best Actor category (with Hugh Jackman as the users’ pick, judging by searches) and Best Actress (Jennifer Lawrence).

Best Supporting Actor would go to Robert De Niro and Actress to Anne Hathaway. The latter is the most obvious winner so the shock will be if she doesn’t win, not the other way around.

Check back here on Sunday, to get all the details on the 2013 Academy Awards. It’s bound to be a night to remember.

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