Oscars 2013: The Google Glass Makes an Appearance – Video

Anne Wojcicki wears gadget at a party, blows paparazzo’s mind

I don’t know much about technology but I do know some fashion: and the Google Glass eyewear looks pretty fashionable, in a futuristic, totally awesome way. No wonder then that someone wore it at one of the Oscars 2013 parties.

Video of the woman wearing the Google Glass is below, embedded at the end of this blog post.

Though the TMZ paparazzo talking to her doesn’t know her, he’s totally blown away by the fact that she’s wearing the gadget which is yet to become commercially available.

He’s equally surprised that she can do more things on the Glass than he can with his traditional camera, especially as she’s eager to show to him how it works.

Then again, he doesn’t know that she’s Anne Wojcicki, who’s married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin. Now it makes sense that she’s wearing the Glass at an Oscar party.

As some of you might know, the Google Glass was also featured on the catwalk during fashion weeks so, yes, it’s probably safe to say that, right now, it’s quite a fashion statement.

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