Oscars 2013: The Campaign for “The Dark Knight Rises” Has Begun

First For Your Consideration ad for Batman runs in Variety

It’s about that time of the year when the first Oscar contenders are making themselves known to the public. Before the Academy announces the nominees, For Your Consideration campaigns will be running in the press.

The campaign for “The Dark Knight Rises” has officially started, as the photo above will confirm – click to see it in full.

It’s the first For Your Consideration ad, as featured in the latest issue of Variety.

There’s really nothing out of the ordinary about the ad: it’s a still from the film (the courthouse where Bane and his acolytes impart their own brand of justice) and a few, very favorable pull-quotes from reviews.

However, the best part about the ad is that it makes it official that Warner Bros., Chris Nolan and everybody else involved in TDKR believes it stands a chance in the Oscars race.

As it happens, so do I and millions of other fans from all over the world, so the best of luck to the film!

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