Oscars 2013: Stylist Explains Jennifer Aniston’s Natural-Looking Hairstyle

It was Jen who opted for her trademark style, Chris McMillan reveals

On the red carpet at the Oscars 2013, Jennifer Aniston looked stunning in a gorgeous red Valentino strapless gown, but some voices are saying she sort of ruined the effect by opting for a very natural-looking hairstyle, that the dress would have required something a bit more sophisticated.

To those, her personal stylist Chris McMillan has just one thing to say: that’s how she wanted it.

“She wanted to keep the makeup natural and the hair natural. I think it’s about, at this point, being really comfortable on the red carpet,” he tells People magazine.

This would explain why Aniston had the same hairstyle as ever: luscious, straight and gorgeous, but nothing out of the ordinary.

McMillan also tells People that, besides Jennifer’s, his favorite looks of the night as far as hair goes were Charlize Theron and Anne Hathaway’s. He also gushes about Michelle Williams’ hair in 2012 so, yes, he’s definitely a fan of the pixie cut.

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