Oscars 2013: Shirley Bassey Brings Down the House – Video

Diva closes James Bond tribute with “Goldfinger,” totally kills it

As announced a while back, Shirley Bassey performed just hours ago at the Oscars 2013. To say that her number was impressive is an understatement so, hopefully, the video below will convince you of just how amazing it was.

Bassey was part of the James Bond tribute, which was included in the Oscarcast to mark the 50th anniversary of the incredibly popular film franchise.

In fact, she closed the tribute with the well-chosen “Goldfinger,” one of the Bond theme songs.

Adele also performed as part of the same tribute and, perhaps just as importantly, she also took home her first Oscar ever, for Best Original Song for “Skyfall,” which she co-wrote and sang for 2012’s “Skyfall,” the latest 007 installment.

Without further ado, below is Shirley Bassey doing what she does best. Definitely one of the most amazing moments of the evening. Ejoy!

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