Oscars 2013: Seth MacFarlane Slaps Kimmel, Cuts Off Taylor Lautner’s Fingers – Video

Jimmy Kimmel skit airs right after the Oscars, is hilarious

Seth MacFarlane kidnapped Taylor Lautner of the “Twilight” fame, cut off his fingers for a good luck charm and kept him in his hoarder’s room under lock and key. That would be the storyline for a new Jimmy Kimmel skit.

Check it out in full above.

Airing on Kimmel’s show shortly after the Academy Awards, the skit saw Kimmel pay Seth, the Oscars 2013 host, a visit to congratulate him on a job well done.

Instead, he stumbles on a dark secret: MacFarlane is a hoarder. Also, a bit too jumpy and prone to violent gestures.

However, when Kimmel discovers Lautner under a pile of trash, and he’s screaming bloody murder, his attention is distracted by a new thought: he must get a lucky finger as well.

Do enjoy!

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