Oscars 2013: Seth MacFarlane Offends with Chris Brown, Rihanna Joke

Voices online point out that domestic violence is no laughing matter

I think Seth MacFarlane’s opening monolog at the Oscars 2013 was the best in years. He was funny, he was witty and he was irreverent. Depending on who you ask, he was also controversial for joking about domestic violence.

E! News for one believes that the joke was “controversial” and potentially offensive. On Twitter, people are saying that domestic violence should be no laughing matter, regardless of the context.

Speaking of “Django Unchained” and how violent it is, MacFarlane said, “This is a story about man fighting to get back his woman who has been subjected to unthinkable violence, or as Chris Brown and Rihanna call it – a date movie.”

“That's as bad as it gets, if it makes you feel better,” he said when he heard some boos. “It's really not as bad as it gets,” he added immediately.

So what do you think? Do you agree that Seth crossed the line by making the Chris Brown, Rihanna situation of 3 years ago (when he beat her bloody in an argument) the punch line of a joke?

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