Oscars 2013: “Paperman” Producer Kicked Out for Throwing Paper Planes

Kristina Reed wanted to celebrate Oscar win in a unique way, producers weren’t having it

Disney short film “Paperman” won Best Short Animation at the Oscars 2013, but producer Kristina Reed, who worked on it, ended up celebrating the win outside the Dolby Theater after she was kicked out.

It was only temporarily though, The Hollywood Reporter says.

After winning the Oscar and returning to her seat in one of the balconies in the theater, Reed started making paper planes and throwing them towards the stage.

As in the short animation she worked on, all placed kisses on all the planes before throwing them. Security guards were not amused, so they kicked her out of the venue temporarily.

“The paper planes were nowhere near the stage, instead shooting straight down from the balcony. It went largely unnoticed by the crowd, but security didn't think the act was very sweet, kicking her out of the Dolby Theatre auditorium,” THR says.

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