Oscars 2013: Nominations Announced

Check out the live broadcast announcing the runners-up for industry’s most coveted awards

The most expected moment in the film industry is (almost) here: the moment when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announces the nominations for the 2013 Academy Awards. Or the Oscars, as we all like to call them.

2012 was one of the best years in cinematography, both as regards box office gross and critically acclaimed releases, which means that the Academy had a pretty difficult job in picking only a handful of nominees for each category.

Check out the video above for the transmission that will tell you who these are: it will go live in a few minutes.

Of the names of films industry insiders expect to hear during the broadcast, we include “Argo,” “Zero Dark Thirty,” “Les Miserables,” “Lincoln,” “Silver Linings Playbook” and, some say, even “Django Unchained.”

Let’s just agree that Quentin Tarantino isn’t exactly the kind of director whose work the Academy fawns over, as much as you or me or any other fan appreciates it.

Check back later for the full article on the nominees and, of course, don’t forget to tune in on February 24, 2013, when the awards show will take place.

[Update]: The full list of nominees in the major categories is here, as promised.

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