Oscars 2013: Naomie Harris Looks Dazzling in Dress Made from Candy Wrappers

The dress was designed by Michal Badger, some say it showed a tad too much skin

As previously reported, actress Naomie Harris was supposed to wear an eco-friendly dress designed by Michael Badger to this year's Oscars.

The actress did not go back on this promise, and dazzled those present at the ceremony by walking up and down the red carpet in a dress that not only looked gorgeous, but also took sustainability to a whole new level.

Recycled zippers and vintage glass beads aside, what made Naomie Harris' dress quite a head turner were the candy wrappers incorporated into its design, sources say.

Granted, the slit might have also played its fair share in making the actress stand out, yet I for one mostly care about Michael Badger's decision to recycle candy wrappers in this innovative fashion.

Still, I cannot help but wonder whether Naomi ate the candy herself or asked a friend to help her.

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