Oscars 2013: Michelle Obama Harshly Criticized for Surprise Appearance

She’s the First Lady, not a celebrity and not an actress, angry voices say online

One of the most unexpected and, depending on who you ask, amazing appearances at the Oscars 2013 was Michelle Obama presenting the award for Best Picture. She should have never agreed to appear, angry voices are now saying online.

The appearance was made possible thanks to Harvey Weinstein’s intervention, who convinced the First Lady to announce the winner from the White House.

She should have never agreed to mix politics with films.

“There is a sense of going too far and too much and becoming so ubiquitous that people don’t consider you something special. She’s the First Lady… not a Hollywood celebrity,” Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin says, as cited by the Daily Mail.

Rubin isn’t the only one to think this way.

“[She] probably felt like she was entitled to upstage [the Oscars],” Todd Starnes of Fox News Radio says.

Breitbart.com calls the entire moment a “Deus ex machina” one, which was “was just obscene and rather frightening in what it suggests about how low we have fallen as a nation. Healthy societies do not create political personality cults.”

What do you think?

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