Oscars 2013: Kristen Stewart Was So Awkward Because She Has “Insecurities”

Star’s people say she deserves praise, not constant criticism

Kristen Stewart was one of the presenters at the Oscars 2013 but, if viewers’ online comments are any indication, she was one of the worst of the night. She should be praised, not constantly criticized, her people say for Us Magazine.

At the same time, they offer a sort of explanation for why she looked so grumpy and unhappy to be at the Oscars: she’s just nervous and insecure like that.

“Kristen was nervous about her crutches so having her friends around playing music was just what she needed. We all were trying to make her feel better and her friends were trying to tell her she’d be fine, she has insecurities about being in front of people so today was even tougher,” hairstylist Danilo tells the mag.

Manicurist Ashlie Johnson chimes in to say that, indeed, Kristen was a real trouper for doing the Oscars in crutches – and people still gave her hell!

“She had sliced her foot and everyone was worrying about would she wear heels or flats or one heel, crutches or no crutches. She tried so many options, she was really a trouper,” Johnson says.

What surprises me the most about all this is that Kristen actually employed the services of a hairstylist – and still ended up with greasy, unkempt hair for the big night.

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