Oscars 2013: Kristen Stewart Presents, Gets Lots of Hate Online – Video

Viewers at home criticize her for looking bored, too cool for school

Kristen Stewart can’t catch a break but chances are this probably happens because she’s not even trying, not honestly so. The “Twilight” star was on stage at last night’s Oscars 2013 to present and is now being harshly criticized online for it.

Check out the video below to see her present Best Production Design with Daniel Radcliffe.

As Yahoo! reports, viewers at home took offense (or at least found objectionable) her apparent boredom (why accept the gig if you’re only going to show up to act bored out of your mind?), her twitchiness, and her carelessness as regards styling.

As they said on Twitter – and still are – she should not agree to do this big awards show if she’s not willing to put in some effort to keep up with the others stars in attendance.

I’ve always given Kristen the benefit of the doubt, saying she was not comfortable in public at such events but that was before, when she was contractually bound to appear because of “Twilight.”

She could have made an honest effort for the Oscars if she was invited and she agreed to be there (on crutches, no less), and not act like she was too cool for school. Right?

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