Oscars 2013: Jennifer Lawrence Explains Why She Tripped and Fell

Actress says gorgeous dress got the best of her on her way up the stairs

One of the most talked about moments at last night’s Oscars 2013 was how Jennifer Lawrence tripped and fell on the stairs as she was going up on stage to accept the award for Best Actress.

As I already noted, the actress handled the whole thing with lots of grace and humor.

The sense of humor didn’t leave her after she walked off stage, telling reporters backstage in the press room that she would have maintained her balance had it not been for her gorgeous and extremely elaborate Dior dress.

“What do you mean what happened? Look at this dress,” she said, as cited by E! News.

As for what went through her mind when she realized she was about to go all fours on the stairs, she said, “A bad word… It starts with F.”

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