Oscars 2013: Helen Hunt Wears Eco-Friendly H&M Dress

The actress says she chose the dress because of H&M partnership with Global Green

Only last week, H&M launched a global garments recycling program, and actress Helen Hunt saw fit to emphasize her support for this green-oriented initiative by wearing one of the brand's dresses to the Oscars.

When asked about why she chose to put on an H&M dress rather than a haute couture one, Helen Hunt explained that, first of all, the dress was one of the most beautiful that she had ever had the chance to try on.

Secondly, H&M's commitment to the environment compelled her to use this dress as a means of promoting sustainability and green living.

“It was the most beautiful I tried on and they [H&M] partner with Global Green. It was a win-win-win,” the actress told members of the press.

Just for the record, the jewelry that Helen Hunt wore together with this dress was worth about $700,000 (€530,576), USA Today informs us.

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