Oscars 2013: Elton John’s Son Is Already a Little Star – Photo

2-year-old Zachary high-fives Bono, is guest of honor at daddy’s fancy party

Elton John and David Furnish’s first son, Zachary, who is just 2 years old, was the guest of honor at the musician’s glamorous Oscars 2013 party, which is actually a charitable event that raises money for HIV and Aids research.

Though still very young, Zachary stole the thunder from the myriad of A-listers at the party, including U2 singer Bono, who is pictured above high-fiving Zachary.

SkyNews says both Elton and David told reporters at the event that, though Zachary was the guest of honor, he would not be staying out too late: bedtime is bedtime even for VIPs.

“We'll make sure they get home in time for their regular bath time, and story time with the nanny. Then we'll see them tomorrow morning, when we get back,” David Furnish said.

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