Oscars 2013: Donald Trump Blasts “Django Unchained,” Entire Oscarcast

The Donald takes to Twitter to say that the Oscarcast was “average at best”

The Donald (Donald Trump, that is) was not pleased with this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. In fact, the real estate mogul took to his Twitter to vent and even to say that “Django Unchained,” which earned Quentin Tarantino an Oscar for Best Original Script, didn’t even deserve to be included.

“Django Unchained is the most racist movie I have ever seen, it sucked!,” Trump tweeted at some point during the Oscarcast, presumably after Tarantino won his Oscar.

The mogul and reality television personality also complained about the opening of the awards show, the lack of glamour (as compared to previous years), the length of the broadcast and the fact that it was “boring.”

All in all, as I’ve already said above, The Donald was not happy with the Oscars. He did however like Dame Shirley Bassey’s performance (who didn’t?!), Michael Douglas and Jane Fonda, both of whom looked “great,” as per his own words.

Even without Trump’s seal of approval, the Oscars still went up in the ratings this year, as compared to the 2012 edition.

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