Oscars 2013: Dolby Theater Is Flooded Ahead of the Big Night

Toilet triggers flood in theater lobby, but Oscarcast goes ahead regardless

Shortly before the 2013 Oscars gala kicked off, the lobby of the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, where it took place, was completely flooded, it has emerged. Luckily, the show went through without a glitch.

TMZ has the details, as well as a couple of photos that seem to confirm that, indeed, the report is accurate.

“We're told a water pipe burst inside the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, just before the opening curtain was pulled. The custodial staff handled the situation with vacuums,” the celebrity e-zine writes.

According to various reports, the situation seemed to have been triggered by a bad toilet.

Luckily, all this did not put a damper on the Oscars, which started without a minute’s delay. TMZ also notes that none of the celebrities on stage or talking to reporters that night mentioned the flood, so chances are it wasn’t that big a deal either way.

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