Oscars 2013: Daniel Day-Lewis’ Funny Acceptance Speech

Emotional actor wins his third Oscar for leading man, gives amazing speech

By on February 25th, 2013 10:16 GMT

“Lincoln” started as the favorite for the 2013 Oscars earlier on in the awards season, but it didn’t win Best Picture or Best Director last night. However, Daniel Day-Lewis did take home the award for Best Actor.

Below is his acceptance speech and my recommendation would be to watch it in full: he’s simply too awesome not to pay attention to him.

Though this is Lewis’ third Oscar as a leading man, he was still incredibly nervous, even wiping away a tear right before he launched into his speech.

He still managed to make a joke or two, though, including about how he was initially supposed to play Margaret Thatcher while Meryl Streep was asked to play Lincoln.

Lewis concluded his speech with a few heart-warming words of thanks to his wife of 16 years without whom, he said, he could have never brought to life the amazing characters he played throughout the years.

[Update, May 21, 2013]: As our second commenter points out, the video is no longer available. A version of it is right below.