Oscars 2013: Daniel Day-Lewis’ Funny Acceptance Speech – Video

Emotional actor wins his third Oscar for leading man, gives amazing speech

“Lincoln” started as the favorite for the 2013 Oscars earlier on in the awards season, but it didn’t win Best Picture or Best Director last night. However, Daniel Day-Lewis did take home the award for Best Actor.

Below is his acceptance speech and my recommendation would be to watch it in full: he’s simply too awesome not to pay attention to him.

Though this is Lewis’ third Oscar as a leading man, he was still incredibly nervous, even wiping away a tear right before he launched into his speech.

He still managed to make a joke or two, though, including about how he was initially supposed to play Margaret Thatcher while Meryl Streep was asked to play Lincoln.

Lewis concluded his speech with a few heart-warming words of thanks to his wife of 16 years without whom, he said, he could have never brought to life the amazing characters he played throughout the years.

[Update, May 21, 2013]: As our second commenter points out, the video is no longer available. A version of it is right below.

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