Oscars 2013: Charlie Sheen Doesn’t Need the Oscars, Throws His Own Party

Star lets loose on the film industry’s big night, tweets about it

The 2013 Academy Awards took place Sunday night at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood and, while many other stars who weren’t invited wished they had been, Charlie Sheen was throwing his own, Oscar-rival-worthy party.

Throughout the entire awards show, the Warlock with Adonis DNA tweeted up a storm, showing fans that, when it comes to partying, few are those who could keep up with him.

Check out some of the pics in the gallery below.

From showing him taking a Vodka shower or fallen to the ground, locked in an embrace with a tall metal ashtray, the photos also have aptly chosen descriptions.

“Late for the Oscars again.... c #Snubbed #JustMadeBail,” he writes in a tweet to the first photo above, showing him stumbling drunk on the edge of a lake, I think.

Deep down inside, I just wish these are old pictures he’s using because he looks pretty messed up in them, and he was just getting back to (a semblance of) normal again.


Charlie Sheen Oscars 2013 (4 Images)

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