Oscars 2013: Brandi Glanville’s Dad Did Not Approve of Revealing Dress

The good news is that she knew it was too small for her

One of the biggest fashion disasters on the red carpet at the Oscars 2013 was, without a doubt, Brandi Glanville, who wore an incredibly low-cut and small dress that left too little to the imagination.

Click on the image above to see it in full.

However, if you were feeling bad for mocking her for wearing a dress two sizes too small, fret not: she knew the dress didn’t fit her well and, more importantly, she thought it would be good if she apologized to her dad for revealing so much cleavage.

On Twitter, of course, because that’s what Brandi does.

“Hey brand, we looked for you on the oscars saw you in the dress. Beautiful dress but way too much [breast] looked like you fall out any time.Dad,” Brandi tweeted after the awards show, quoting her father.

“I know my dress was 2 tight! I didn't get to my last fitting and I didn't bring my back up dresses!I'm happy to be on any list! :) sorry dad,” she added.

As they say, bad publicity is ten times better than no publicity at all – and Brandi knows this.

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