Oscars 2013: Ben Affleck Shaves Beard

Clearly, Ben’s Oscar charm was his beard, report says

Ben Affleck has finally gotten to go home with an Oscar for his directorial efforts, though he still has to wait to nab the one for Best Director. The Oscars 2013 saw him win Best Picture so, by all means, his lucky charm beard definitely brought him luck.

This would explain why he chose to shave it shortly after the awards.

In fact, TMZ says, he didn’t even wait until he got home to do it, but shaved right before heading out to party with his mates on “Argo,” the film that was awarded with Best Picture and which he directed, co-produced and starred in.

“The beard must have been Ben's good luck charm, because he jettisoned it at the ‘Argo’ after-party at Craig's restaurant... in the hallway right outside the bathroom. As for why he shaved in the hallway... it had a convenient plug,” the celebrity e-zine says.

TMZ even has a theory as to the reason Affleck might have been growing a beard for the awards season: “we're told Ben had facial hair when he re-emerged as a major Hollywood player.” So there.

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