Oscars 2013: Anne Hathaway Shows Off Her Vegan Shoes

The shoes were custom made for the actress by designer Giuseppe Zanotti

For this year's Oscars, Anne Hathaway chose to strut up and down the red carpet in a light pink Prada dress, which turned out to be a head turner. Truth be told, the actress is quite a sight herself, so it need not surprise anyone that the dress looked absolutely stunning on her.

Still, greenheads and animal rights activists probably care more about the shoes that Anne Hathaway wore to the Oscars than they do about her dress.

Long story short, the actress' choice of footwear was a pair of custom-made vegan Giuseppe Zanotti heels, whose estimated price is somewhere around $600-$1000 (about €455 - €757), Ecorazzi says.

It goes without saying that, for the time being at least, these cruelty-free shoes are not something that ordinary folks can afford, but here's hoping (actually, it's more like daydreaming) that Giuseppe Zanotti will soon consider also making them available to the general public.

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