Oscars 2013: Anne Hathaway Rehearsed Her Speech for Weeks

Report says she was worried people might not like it, make fun of her

Anne Hathaway won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress with “Les Miserables” at the 2013 Academy Awards, but don’t believe her when she says she totally didn’t expect it. A new report says she practiced her acceptance speech for weeks ahead of the big night.

Anne knew she’d win the Oscar so the only surprise for her could have been not delivering the perfect acceptance speech, insiders say for Us Magazine.

So she made sure that wouldn’t happen.

“Practice makes perfect! After facing some backlash over her emotional Golden Globe, SAG and BAFTA acceptance speeches, Anne Hathaway worked very hard on preparing her thank-you for the Oscars,” Us writes.

“Hathaway did practice her Oscar speech a lot to try and be more likable. ‘She was very aware that she had been the butt of everyone's jokes,’ the source says,” the publication further reports.

Below is Anne’s acceptance speech after the reported weeks of rehearing it. How spontaneous and likeable did it seem to you?

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