Oscars 2013: Academy Awards Ceremony Is Rebranded as “the Oscars”

Academy drops pompous name, opts for practicality for once

We may have been calling the Oscars “the Oscars” for years but, officially, they were the X-th Annual Academy Awards or the Oscars ceremony. For this year at least, the Academy will drop the pompous name in favor of the simpler one, “the Oscars,” The Guardian reports.

“Organized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Oscars have been officially known by the grander, annually numbered title since their inception. An Oscar is the golden statuette handed to winners of the main prizes, though the ceremony itself has become known by the informal title,” the British publication reports.

Though very traditional in every other respect, the Academy is moving on to re-brand the Oscarcast by its informal name.

This has become clear about 3 weeks ago, when promotion for the event, which will take place this Sunday and is the most hyped moment in film of the year, kicked off.

“It is right for this show, but we could easily go back to using ‘Academy Awards’ next year,” Academy spokeswoman Teni Melidonian says, stressing that the change is not a permanent one.

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