Oscars 2012: Billy Crystal Shares a Kiss with George Clooney

Oscars spoof sees host of the night wake up from a coma thanks to Clooney

Before the opening monologue that earned pretty solid reviews, at the Oscars 2012, Billy Crystal was first seen in a montage parodying many of the nominated films and, last but not least, sharing a kiss with George Clooney.

The entire opening segment is below in full – enjoy!

Opening the show like this is, by now, a tradition at the Oscars: and it usually has the host parade through as many nominated films, interacting with the characters.

Last night's funniest such interaction was when George Clooney stepped in to plant a wet one on Billy's lips in the hope that it might bring him back to life and, at the same time, convince him to host the Oscars.

Since this is Clooney we're talking about, of course it worked.

Besides the movie stars we might have anticipated to see in the clip, including a horse that jumps over Billy's head, we were quite surprised – in the nicest way possible – to see Justin Bieber also make an appearance, “to get [him] the 18 to 24 demographic.”

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