Oscar 2013: Animated Short “Adam and Dog” Retells Adam and Eve's Story – Video

Minkyu Lee's animation tells the story of how man and dog first became friends

This year's Oscars are just around the corner, and people can hardly wait to hear who 2013's winners will be.

The video above, pieced together by Minkyu Lee, was nominated for the short animations category, and here's hoping it will manage to take home the award.

In an attempt not to take the fun out of your watching it, I'll just settle for stating that the video is basically a retelling of the Christian story about Adam and Eve.

Thus, the animation is not about how the first man became acquainted with the first woman, but about how man first befriended a dog. Hence the name: “Adam and Dog.”

“I just found this film today by luck and its going to chance my life forever. Thank you,” one viewer wrote as a comment to this short animation.

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