Orphaned Baby Elephant Gets Human Mum

The baby elephant's mother was allegedly killed by poachers in Borneo

About a week ago, the news broke that several pygmy elephants had been found dead in Borneo. Despite their lacking rock-solid evidence, wildlife rangers argued that the animals must have been poisoned by poachers.

Recent news on this topic says that one baby pygmy elephant, which was found mourning the loss of its mother, is now well on the road to recovery.

Thus, it has befriended a human, i.e. keeper Augustin David, and spends most of its time walking around and playing with him.

Daily Mail reports that Augustin David, who has now become the baby elephant's surrogate mum, must feed his foster offspring once every two hours, even through the night.

Although he is not  able to get as much sleep as he might want, Augustin says that he very much enjoys looking after this orphaned baby elephant, which he decided to name Joe.

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