Orochi Wireless Mouse Updated, Razer Gives It a Better Sensor

This is just one of several mice that are getting upgraded this way

  Razer Orochi Bluetooth 3.0 mouse
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We've seen the Razer DeathAdder and Krait mice getting upgraded to better sensors, and even a new model, Ouroboros, made its appearance recently.

Now we get to welcome a mouse with an updated sensor. Like its siblings, the Razer Orochi gaming mouse has been given a 6,400 dpi sensor.

That should let it perform as well as any other gaming mouse, and better than most common ones for that matter, wired or otherwise.

Speaking of which, Orochi uses Bluetooth 3.0 to link to PCs, while a pair of AA batteries give it the energy it needs.

It should be able to last for up to 30 hours before the charge depletes.

Razer is shipping the Orochi gaming mouse for $69.99 / 69.99 Euro. People with no money worries might consider it a suitable Christmas present for themselves or others.

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